Regional Conference Program Books

Attached here are Program Books from Regional Conferences. These are generally hosted by one or more KOTESOL Chapters and/or Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and occasionally co-hosted by groups outside of KOTESOL.

(Most) Advertisements have been removed from many of these to reduce file size.

There may be some font irregularities in some older books (or even occasional movement of a bit of text up or back a page?) due to changes in production technology and conversion to PDF.

We regret that some books are not currently available in electronic form. We will continue our search to make them available to you.

Sorted by Chapter/SIG and reverse year order (most recent first)

Daejeon-Chungcheong Chapter Conference Books are available from (this page specific to Daejeon-Chungcheong, despite the generic URL). The November Symposium is also informally known as the Thanksgiving or "Turkey" event.

  • 2015 November Symposium
  • 2015 DCC Spring Conference
  • 2014 DCC November Symposium
  • 2014 DCC September Conference
  • 2013 DCC November Symposium
  • 2013 DCC September Conference
  • 2012 DCC November Symposium
  • 2012 DCC September Conference