The role of KOTESOL is to promote scholarship, disseminate information, and facilitate cross-cultural understanding among persons concerned with teaching and learning of English in Korea.

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International Conference Issue of TEC Now Online

The 2015 Korea TESOL International Conference and English Expo is still a full month away, BUT the Autumn Issue of The English Connerction (TEC) is now online to bring the conference much closer. This expanded issue of TEC contains over 20 pages of IC-related information -- invited speakers' presentation schedules, articles by invited speakers, and interviews with invited speakers. Download the latest issue of TEC, and learn more about the great invited speakers coming to IC 2015.

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Invited Speakers at 2015 KOTESOL International Conference - Details Available

In addition to our amazing plenary speakers Chuck Sandy and Robert Murphy at this year's International Conference, we have a wonderful line-up of featured speakers to accommodate your ELT interests and concerns. Some are names that will be easily recognizable; others will be new names, but all will be presenting informative and inspiring presentations and workshops tailored for our International Conference attendees.

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Conference -- Did You Know?

The KOTESOL International Conference and English Expo 2015 is something special.

The best from the past, plus some new features.

Invited speakers include Chuck Sandy, Robert Murphy, Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto, Glenn Stockwell, Boyoung Lee (이보영) and more

See the full list of major speakers and their sessions at http://koreatesol.org/ic2015/MajorSpeakers

More information added twice weekly.

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Sunday's Plenary at International Conference - Murphy on Inquiry-based Learning

Have you pre-registered for KOTESOL's annual International Conference?

Sunday's Plenary Speaker is Robert Murphy, a leading voice for neuroELT internationally. Co-founder of the International FAB (brain science) Conferences,. His plenary talk is titled "The Benefits of Inquiry-Based Learning".

Find more about Murphy's sessions at http://koreatesol.org/ic2015/RobertMurphy

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Pre-Registration for KOTESOL International Conference Opens!

Pre-register for the KOTESOL International Conference.


Individual Pre-registration Group Pre-registration Presenters Pre-registration FAQs for Registration
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Chuck Sandy - International Conference Opening Plenary Speaker!

KOTESOL International Conference weekend is just around the corner - October 9-11. KOTESOL is proud to introduce our Opening Plenary Speaker, Chuck Sandy. See his session titles & abstracts, bio-sketch, even an Audio Love-letter to KOTESOL, at http://koreatesol.org/ic2015/ChuckSandyBio

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Conference Sessions Announcement

Accepted sessions for the 2015 International Conference can be found from http://www.koreatesol.org/IC2015/AcceptedSessions--prelim-July26

This is a preliminary listing. (This does not include Invited sessions or promotional sessions.)

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The July 2015 Issue of KOTESOL News Is Out!

The July 2015 issue of KOTESOL News, our email newsletter, was sent out yesterday to 1,210 subscribers. This issue contains information about Early Bird registration for the 2015 KOTESOL International Conference, a call for research grant proposals, and more. Read it, share it, or subscribe here.

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A Call for Grant Proposals

Got a great research idea?  Consider taking advantage of a KOTESOL Research Grant.

Announcing the KOTESOL Research Committee's Call for Grant Applications.

The KOTESOL Research Committee offers 7 grants of 300,000 KRW for selected candidates. The proposed deadline is October 31st.

See the KOTESOL Research Committee page for more information - http://koreatesol.org/research-comm


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Summer Issue of TEC Now Online

The Summer 2015 issue of TEC is here for your summer reading pleasure! In this issue of The English Connection, KOTESOL's quarterly magazine, you will have much to choose from: a preview of the October international conference, an interview with our 1st VP, part 2 of our spring articles on storytelling and "tiger moms," a book review and a National Conference review.

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