International Conference Pre-Registration 2013

STEP TWO:  Payment.

You can pay by Bank Transfer.  Cash on deliver (COD) is not allowed for pre-registration.

For Bank Transfer payment you must transfer the registration fee within 3 days or have your pre-registration cancelled. Bank transfers are to be sent to KOTESOL's bank:  Korea Exchange Bank (KEB) 630-006952-841

Student rates apply only to undergraduate students with  a valid, current student ID only.

Please bring your banking receipt to the Conference to ensure we properly credit your payment!

NOTE: You must be a current Undergraduate Student (Bachelor's or Associate's degree only) to select "Student".  Proof of status is required.

NOTE: This shopping cart is for your International Conference registration fee only. If you are also purchasing a membership today, that process must be completed separately, in a different shopping cart. The money can be transferred together.

Discounted prices for pre-registering.