The role of KOTESOL is to promote scholarship, disseminate information, and facilitate cross-cultural understanding among persons concerned with teaching and learning of English in Korea.

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All English teachers or English-based businesses, of any level or nationality, are eligible to join KOTESOL.  Find out more at www.koreatesol.org/join-kotesol

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Gwangju-Jeonnam Conference Call for Presentations

Gwangju-Jeonnam KOTESOL Regional Conference

Chosun University, Gwangju
March 14, 2015


Theme: A Journey in Professional Development

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KOTESOL Proceedings 2013 Hardcopy Requests

There are a limited number of hardcopies of KOTESOL Proceedings 2013 available for those members who prefer a hardcopy for their research and reading.

For a current member to obtain a hardcopy of KOTESOL Proceedings 2013, send name and complete postal mailing address (using the modern (street) addressing system for addresses in Korea) to publications@koreatesol.org

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National Conference 2015 Call for Papers

Korea TESOL National Conference

Saturday 30 May 2015

Sookmyung Women’s University

Bridging the Digital Divide:
Examining Online Language Teaching in Asia

Call for papers

Korea TESOL invites interested parties to submit a proposal to present at the 2015 national conference to be held at Sookmyung Women’s University, Saturday, 30 May 2015. The 2015 national conference will feature three strands:

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Call for Proposals for KOTESOL International Conference 2015

The Call for Proposals to the 2015 KOTESOL International Conference is now available.


This is our Autumn Classic (not the late-Spring National Conference)

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Publication Resources

Academic publication is increasingly becoming expected of university-based English language instructors in Korea.

KOTESOL can help!

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Yongin Chapter's Newly Elected Officers

The Yongin Chapter proudly anounces its newly elected officers after balloting through Survey Monkey and during the December 13, 2014 Chapter workshop at Kangnam University in Yongin.Here  are the following new chapter officers:

President: Karlene Blackburn

First Vice-President: Martin Todd

Second Vice-President: Lauren SJ Choi

Treasurer: David D.I. Kim

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Podcast Leadership Retreat

Hi Everyone I would like to invite you all to this years leadership retreat. A chance for KOTESOL to plan and organize the projects we will be undertaking in the next year.



If you have any questions you can reach me at peadarcallaghan@gmail.com



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Registration for KOTESOL@EnglishExpo

It's easy. The expo (in general) is free for KOTESOL members, and KOTESOL sessions are only 10,000won.


See information about KOTESOL sessions at http://koreatesol.org/ee2014sessions

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KOTESOL Proceedings 2013 Now Online

KOTESOL Proceedings 2013 is now available online. This is a select collection of research papers based on 5 invited speaker sessions and 20 concurrent session presentations at the 2013 Korea TESOL International Conference, available at present to members only:

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KOTESOL@EnglishExpo2014 Program Available

KOTESOL will host two tracks of language teaching sessions during the Expo on Saturday, December 13th, hosted at COEX in Seoul.

The full Program Booklet is now available for download! <Program Booklet LINK> (this document subject to revision)

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